Large quantities of international giants strive to go back to Chinese .CN domain name

Morning paper news a few days ago, reporter get news from arbitration commissionasia-govtlement of disputes concerning domain names in the center, international trade of China, large quantities of international giants including coca-cola, Disneyland Resort, L'Oreal,etc. have already passed arbitration, succeed in striving to go back to its Chinese .CN domain name. First flocks together and arbitrates Chinese .CN domain name incident and was finished at last in 9 months -long transnational giant.

On March 17, the centre ofasia-govtlement of disputes concerning domain names receives more than 70 cases of newly-increased dispute of domain name, increase 600% sharply compared with the same period of last year, coca-cola, Nestle, feather the west,etc. to gentle .CN impressively in rank contention of domain name among them international big shot.
Since the beginning of 2006, after Microsoft announces IE7 browser will support Chinese .CN domain name in an all-round way, numerous transnational giants realize the enormous market value of Chinese .CN, begin to start enterprise's domain name and strive to fight. Through the arduous efforts of 9 months, mostly transnational giants have already succeeded in bringing back one's own Chinese .CN domain name, " coca-cola .CN ", " Disneyland Resort .CN of Hong Kong " and waits and goes through formalities of transferring at present in " Paris L'Oreal .CN ".  

The relevant persons in charge of Coca-Cola say, surfs theasia-govl with Chinese in the maturity of China Internet, the coca-cola .CN domain name has already become valuable brand assets for it. According to personage in the know, main rival's Pepsi Cola of the coca-cola has already registered and opened" one hundred thing .CNs ", popularize the way after opening up the brand-new brand Network, this becomes the urgent inducement of the coca-cola .CN domain name of striving to go back with all strength of Coca-Cola to a certain extent.

The famous law expert Hu Gang says, though the famous brand probably gets its Chinese through arbitrating.CN Domain name, but for a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, because social popularity is relatively low, it is relative and very small to arbitrate the possibility to strive to go back, so, would rather provide for a rainy day than mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen, it is a right way to register and open in advance