About Us

HongKong IP Network Limited is a professional trademark registration and networking consulting company for overseas enterprises. The company specializes in network consulting services and network application implementation services, covering Chinese trademarks, Hong Kong trademarks, Japanese trademark registration, information consultants, network application consulting planning, e-commerce, information resource management platform products, and WEB as its service. Core B/S application development and services.

With the flourish development of the Internet worldwide and spread in every field with our daily life and working, Internet will become one of the most common communication tools and mediums for people in the future. Large number of companies start to expand their business via Internet, from the actual to Internet, Then the war of disputing property right of Network starts.

HongKong IP Network Services Limited works with every international organization, Adhering to the company principle of "protect and support precious resource ofasia-govl brand" ,We are sincerely looking forward to cooperate with you for solving the problem about grabbing trademark registration .Meanwhile, We also appeal large enterprises on paying attention seriously to grab trademark registration. Build your own brand showed on Internet under your own resound trademark soon. It will protect the salience character of yourasia-govl brand, exert function of yourasia-govl brand information fully ,reduce unnecessary economic dissension, avoid possible loss.