Introduction of HK Trademarks

Hong Kong trademark registration
As the Pearl of the Orient, Freeport Hong Kong is the world's freest trade and trade port, coupled with its own good infrastructure and sound legal system, which provides entrepreneurs with a unique business environment. The establishment of a company and registered trademark in Hong Kong can quickly increase the visibility of the company, enhance the company's growing competitiveness, and maximize profits.

The application conditions of Hong Kong trademark registration
In China, an individual or a legal person can apply; a natural person requires a personal ID card or a passport copy, and a legal person needs a copy of the business license.

Materials required for Hong Kong trademark registration
1)A legal person apply requires a copy of the Business License or valid registration certificate and the company name, address(Chinese&English version); the natural person apply requires a copy of the personal ID card ;
2)one copy of the clear trademark pattern;
3)Complete one copy of the application form, which must be signed by the applicant or signed by the agent;
4)List the goods or services that are registration, and indicate the type of trademark (Hong Kong's trademarks can be protected in all categories), which can be found on trademark classification table of this website.
5)The trademark registration power of attorney, the applicant must sign and seal the power of attorney

Hong Kong Trademark Registration Enquiry
Anyone can use the free search webpage of the Hong Kong Government Intellectual Property Department to search the same or similar registered Hong Kong trademarks and prior applications at any time.

If you want to entrust our company to search comprehensively and professionally, the fee for each search for 1 trademark in 1 international classification is RMB 500. The time required is one working day. The search report is made in writing and includes whether the same registered trademark and prior application are actually listed in Hong Kong, listing the similar trademarks searched for, and providing a summary of the similar trademarks, confusing similarities, and making professional written opinions.

If the trademark you want to apply has a text and a pattern, the company's search will include both the text and the pattern without any fees. If the company's written opinion makes a positive application proposal, and the applicant has objected to the existence of a confusing similar trademark, the company will refund all application fees.

Before reviewing the application, the Trade Marks Registry will first review the application form and all attachments to see if the required part of the form has been completed, whether the information is correct and whether the required information is incomplete. If all is appropriate, the application process will proceed to the next stage (substantive review stage).

Hong Kong trademark registration substantive examination
Upon completion of the deficiencies in the inspection application and confirming that all information is available, the Trade Marks Registry will review the trademark records to determine whether other merchants have registered or applied for the same or similar trademarks in the same or similar goods or services. The Trademarks Registry will also check whether the trademarks meet the registration requirements set out in the Trade Marks Ordinance.
If the audit is approved, the application process will proceed to the next stage (the announcement stage).

After the Trademark Registry approves the application, it will be announced in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Journal for a period of three months. If no objection is raised, the trademark can be successfully registered.

After the application for trademark registration is approved, the details of the trademark will be recorded in the record book and a certificate of registration will be issued to the applicant. In addition, the Registrar of Trademarks will publish the registration notice in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Journal. The date of registration is the date of submission of the application, in other words, the right to be the owner of the registered trademark, from the date of filing the application.

The fee of trademark registration
The first international classification is ¥3200. An additional ¥1800 is required for each category added. The application fee and search fee paid to the Hong Kong Government are included, and there is no charge for announcement, registration and certification. There is no other charge unless the application is opposed by the approver and needs to be modified, subject to protest or other complications.

The processing time of Hong Kong trademark registration
Provide a pattern and category of registered trademarks for preliminary search;
Fill in the application for trademark registration, submit the official design of the trademark registration and the trademark applicant's information;
Formally enter the trademark registration process (about 4-6 months):
Government search (one week) - Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department's receipt of trademark acceptance (2 weeks) - internal government review - typesetting and printing - gazette notice (3 months) - formal approval - complete the trademark certificate. (Valid for 10 years, renewable)

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