Introduction of" JP Trademarks "

I.The process and cost of Japanese trademark registration:
1. Japanese trademark registration process:
Application submission - review opinion stage - announcement stage - registration stage - registration success

2.The Japanese trademark registration fee:
Application fee: 9,000 yuan (RMB)
English: Free
Chinese and graphics: 800 yuan(RMB)

II.The Japanese trademark registration time:
Official receipt time: 2-4 days
Based on use in Japan: 8-15 months
Validity: 10 years

III.The Japanese trademark registration conditions:
Both natural and legal persons can apply for trademark registration. A trademark applicant must be a person who uses the goods or services related to his or her business, or who plans to use the trademark in the future. Therefore, when applying for a trademark, you must fill in your own business. For foreigners applying for trademark registration, Japan mainly adopts the following principles:
1. The applicant's country is a member of the Paris Convention;
2. The applicant's country and Japan have signed a bilateral agreement on trademark protection;
3. The applicant's country and Japan have a principle of reciprocity.

IV. Japanese trademark registration materials:
1. Trademark drawings.
2. The power of attorney signed by the applicant.
3.The application form, including the name and address of the applicant, the name of the trademark, the designated service category and the specific name.

V.Japanese trademark review process:
When receiving the trademark registration application, the Chief of the Charter Office will make it public through the Trademark Gazette. The official review of trademark applications is divided into formal and substantive examinations. The formal examination refers to the legality review of the submitted application documents, trademark drawings, power of attorney and other documents. Substantive examination refers to the significance of the trademark itself, whether it conforms to the law, and whether it is reviewed with the conflict of prior rights.

VI.How to register a Japanese trademark?
You can apply for an international trademark registration .
Article 10 An application for international registration of a trademark may designate a category of goods or services, or may specify two or more categories of goods or services.
Article 11 When applying for international registration of trademarks, the applicant shall provide the following attachments:
(1) 1 copy of the domestic trademark registration certificate, or 1 copy of the notice of acceptance of the trademark registration application issued by the Trademark Office;
(2) If priority is claimed, one copy of the priority shall be awarded;
(3) 1 copy of the applicant's qualification certificate, such as a copy of the business license, a copy of the residence certificate, a copy of the identity document, etc.;
(4) If the agent is entrusted, one copy of the power of attorney;
(5) 2 copies of the trademark, the size of which is not more than 80mm × 80mm, not less than 20mm × 20mm.
Article 12 The date on which the Trademark Office receives an application for international registration of trademarks is the date of application.

If the application for international registration of trademarks is not completed in accordance with the regulations, the Trademark Office shall return the application and the application date shall not be retained.

The registration fee for Japanese trademarks is more expensive than domestic ones, but its registration process is similar to that of domestic ones. Many Chinese businessmen need to go to Japan to develop, so the economic ties between China and Japan are very close, and more and more people are registering Japanese trademarks. Normally, the application process for Japanese trademarks is about two years.

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