Introduction of TW Trademarks

The preparation stage
At this stage, the trademark applicants are prepared to apply for the trademark data,which is broken down as follows:
1. Applicant Qualifications In Taiwan, the applicant may be a natural person or a legal person, and a natural person does not need a business license.
2. Trademark design inquiry After the trademark design , it is recommended to inquire the approximate trademark , and then decide whether the trademark needs further modification according to the query result.
3. The required documents
To register a Taiwan trademark, the required documents are as follows:
1) 20 clear trademark patterns, and a logo pattern is no more than 5 square centimeters;
2) A copy of the power of attorney signed by the applicant;
3) The applicant's name, address or country of registration;
4) List of goods or services of the trademark.

The trademark review stage
When the applicant or trademark registration agency submits an application to the Taiwan Trademark Administration, the trademark will be the review period. The detailed is as follows:
1. After receiving the trademark registration application, the Taiwan trademark authority will designate the examiner to review the trademark.
2. After accepting the task, the examiner will conduct a formal review of the applied trademark, including the content of the application, the completeness of the application documents, etc. If there is any error or missing, the applicant will be notified to make corrections within a time limit.
3. After the trademark has been examined, the examiner will also conduct a substantive examination of the trademark, including whether the trademark is in compliance with the law, such as whether the trademark is prohibited by law, whether the trademark is distinctive, whether the same or similar Trademarks, etc.
4. After the trademark has passed by the substantive examination, the trademark authority will serve the approval paper to the applicant, and the applied trademark will be announced in the bulletin of the trademark authority.
5. The trademark announcement period is 3 months, and anyone at this stage can raise an objection. If no objection within three months, the trademark registration is approved; If someone raises an objection, the applicant's defense is unsuccessful and will not be approved.

The validity period and renewal of the trademark
The registration of Taiwan trademarks is valid for 10 years. Once renewed after the expiration, you can obtain permanent registration qualifications (Usually,the renewal of international trademarks is every 10 years, but Taiwan trademark is not the same).

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