Introduction of" SG Trademarks "

I. Singapore trademark summary

1. Singapore trademark registration applies to its 1998 Trademark Law. If anyone who has used or intends to use a trademark in Singapore, it can apply for trademark registration in the relevant Singapore authorities; Singapore trademarks can be graphic, text, color, three-dimensional shape and The combination constitutes,the trademark needs to have significant characteristics and does not conflict with the prior rights of others.

2. Singapore is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Trips Agreement, the Madrid Protocol, the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and the Nice Agreement Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services.

3. From the date of application, the trademark registration is valid for 10 years. If you need to continue to use , you must apply for renewal registration 3 months before the expiration , and each renewal registration is valid for 10 years; there is a one-month extension period, but you have to pay additional fees.

II. Required documents of Singapore trademarks registration
1. The power of attorney for the trademark registration must be signed or sealed by the principal;

2. Applicant's supporting documents (a copy of the business license with clear official seal is required when the applicant is a legal person; when the applicant is a natural person, a copy of the ID card with the clear official seal and a copy or scanned piece of the business license of the individual industrial and commercial households are required, while overseas people only need to provide a passport);

3. Applicant's address (when the applicant is a legal person, the application address to be filled in must be consistent with the address filled in the business license);

4. Clear trademark drawings;

5. Goods or services of the trademark.

III. Process and time of Singapore trademark registration

Trademark Design - Trademark Enquiry - Trademark Application - Trademark Acceptance (receipt time is about 2 months) - Trademark Review - Trademark Notice (for 3 months) - Trademark Registration (Normally, it needs about 12-18 months to get the trademark registration certificate )

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